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  1.   razgriz2520:

Photobomb everywhere..

one of kinal’s skill LoL

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    Photobomb everywhere..

    one of kinal’s skill LoL



    [ENG] National Exam Tips and Experience from Kinal →


    Lately the members have been mentioning “UN” a lot. Any of you wonder what UN is? UN stands for Ujian Nasional, which means National Exam. It’s a compulsory test for all students in Indonesia. The result will be one of the determinants whether a student can graduate from their school or not.

    Today I plan to study for a test tomorrow so I’ll get good mark"
    but she ended up sharing some exam tips LoL

    she always like this. said she want to study or do homework, but end up watching movie, online, or playing game LoL

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    JKT48K3Diary Episode 10 : rich beggar →

    Acha and Nat felt pity to the beggar (uty). but the beggar has a more expensive cellphone.


    JKT48K3Diary Episode 9 : Professional Make Up →

    Tata did make up to Noella. but in ended Noella became like a pansy in Taman Lawang.
    then the girls talked like a pansy.

    the cool naomi like to do things like this -.-


    JKT48K3Diary Episode 8 →

    Della played the escalator button


    JKT48K3Diary Episode 7: cute naomi →

    Naomi tried to be cute. Sinka asked her.
    Naomi did sinka’s famous pig dance.


    JKT48K3Diary Episode 6 →

    Sinka sleep on the desk after their activity. Naomi, her sister call her, to go home. But sinka still want to sleep. Naomi leave her. Sinka start nagging.


    [ENG] Kinal’s G+ post on 11 April 2014 →



    My foster child for a week in Japan, Cindy Yuvia.

    Hahahaha it’s the first time there’s someone who keeps following me around and sticking like a stamp. (Sticking like a stamp is a famous Indonesian idiom which means keep sticking, not wanting to be separated.)


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    @Cindvia_JKT48: mousee cute,right?~~ well I’m an elephant not a mouse :p hahahhah xD some say that I’m a mouse :( 
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    But if you see her, she’s more like a baby mouse than elephant LoL

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  10.   duckfaceminlid:

Not making a #duckface?
Make other people do it!

force rachel T.T

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    Not making a #duckface?

    Make other people do it!

    force rachel T.T

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